YOGA BORE ALERT! OK I admit it, I’m slightly obsessed with drawing out metaphors from yoga and anything else that comes up in my life. I think it’s just my way of making sense of this crazy and wild ride!

This week, my obsession is with the psoas muscle – a deep, powerful muscle that is intimately involved in our physical and emotional health. Either postural habits, injury, emotional trauma or an ongoing lack of emotional support can lead to a chronically contracted psoas – leaving our fight/flight response in constant arousal. This signals our body that we’re in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting our immune system (oh my!)

But here’s the magic. When we release this core muscle – deep in the centre of our being – and bring it back to a place of ease, everything comes back into balance; we no longer have to work so hard by using unnecessary effort and our superficial muscles, literally trying to ‘hold it together’.

As so it is with who I am – when I’m content and at ease right to the core of my being, I can truly let go of anything superficial in my life – behaviours, relationships, beliefs, values. No longer trying to hold it together, or make things happen but simply letting things fall into place. Love Deborah x

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