Workshops & Events

Workshops are a great way to take time out, deepening your awareness and practice or exploring something new and interesting. The opportunity to focus on specific postures and ask a lot of questions, make workshops the perfect opportunity to take your practice to the next level.

Places are limited and so we recommend you pre-book. Bookings are all on a first come first served basis and confirmed on payment.

Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610 and let the good energy commence!


6-night Canada Retreat: Coming Back Home to You

Join our very own Whitespace Teacher & Studio Director, Deborah Berryman – at a brand new location in the stunning setting of CANADA. This retreat will be an unforgettable experience with time to recharge and renew, enjoying the stunning backdrop of Canada ‘the land of lakes’, with its wealth of culture and natural beauty. It’s yourView Full Post »

First Aid for Teachers

“Gain your Emergency First Aid in the Workplace One day Certificate” This workshop focuses on the types of emergency which a teacher may come across in an everyday class – including fainting, epilepsy, asthma and heart conditions – and will cover all aspects of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid. By the end of theView Full Post »

Healing Early Trauma Through The Body

“yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” The Bhagavad Gita During this explorative workshop, Ralf will examine the origins, effects and anatomy of trauma. By understanding how early trauma lives on in the body, as if part of us remains frozen in time, we’ll explore how this affects usView Full Post »

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

“Teacher Training immersion focusing on the practice, art and teaching of pregnancy yoga” Teaching yoga during the time of pregnancy can be such a privilege.  As a prenatal yoga teacher, it is vital to be able to create a consistent and supportive space for women at their most intense period of change in life. ThisView Full Post »

Sound Meditation (Gong Bath)

Gong meditation is a simple technique of influencing the body, soul and mind that helps us raise our own awareness of ourselves, of our needs, hopes and expectations. This technique brings us closer to accomplishing harmony, energy balance, and spiritual uplifting. The meditation gongs have been uniquely designed and crafted to produce a healing effectView Full Post »

Mindfulness Immersion Course

“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment” – Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness is a well-researched, non-religious and effective means of alleviating the stress, anxiety and depression that beset so many of us. During this course, we will explore practices that allow us to cultivate mindful awareness and discover waysView Full Post »

Sunday Blissfest

Sunday evening is the PERFECT time to rest and renew as we bring to a close a busy week and embark on a new one. In these delicious monthly sessions, we’ll start to unwind with Restorative yoga – a powerful, therapeutic style of yoga that uses bolsters and blankets to support the body – knownView Full Post »

Ayurveda Yoga Workshop

“Combining the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga for powerful healing, overall health and well-being” Ayurveda literally translates as ‘science of life’ and is a complimentary system with yoga; supporting our health, spirituality and wellbeing. Both systems developed in India more than 5000 years ago and follow an intertwined path of overlapping disciplines. Integrating Ayurveda intoView Full Post »

Dynamic Flow

An energising and strengthening session that will increase stamina, designed so that everyone discovers the potential to step out of their comfort zone and find their real inner strength. Dynamic Flow Yoga classes will also give your heart a workout and leave you feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed. Who’s it for? Ideal for all participants,View Full Post »

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