Workshops & Events

Workshops are a great way to take time out, deepening your awareness and practice or exploring something new and interesting. The opportunity to focus on specific postures and ask a lot of questions, make workshops the perfect opportunity to take your practice to the next level.

Places are limited and so we recommend you pre-book. Bookings are all on a first come first served basis and confirmed on payment.

Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610 and let the good energy commence!


iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher Training

Yoga Nidra is a transformative state of deep relaxation and one of the fastest-growing yoga practices in the world today. Though its roots lay in thousands of years of philosophies and practices, iRest (‘integrative restoration’) Yoga Nidra carefully and purposefully applies them to our modern-day outlooks and needs. The practice encompasses the teachings of mindfulnessView Full Post »

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Thinking about Yoga Teacher Training? Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a yoga teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, our Yoga Teacher Training programme will provide you with the tools to enrich your practice and teach authentically, grounded both in self-awarenessView Full Post »

Well Woman Yoga Workshop

An invitation to slowly emerge from the dormancy of mid-winter through gentle movement, meditation, enquiry and deep rest. In February we find ourselves hovering between two worlds – one part deeply rooted in the rest of winter and the other looking ahead to brighter spring days. This candlelit workshop offers the space to straddle theseView Full Post »

‘Happy Feet’ FREE Community Talk from our local Podiatrist

Our feet work hard for us! We usually don’t stop to give them a second thought, until something starts to hurt. It’s thought that 90% of us will experience foot problems at some point in our lives, and its often the cause of many biomechanical issues such a knee, hip, back and shoulder issues. HannahView Full Post »

Family Yoga

Plenty of laughter and fun as well as an insight into yoga practice – Enjoy learning together and spending time as a family. Yoga is great for creating a feeling of calm and tranquillity and can help parents and kids to relax in each other’s presence. You’ll all return home feeling rejuvenated, fully stretched, overflowingView Full Post »

Dispelling Yoga Anatomical Myths: Teaching from the latest scientific research on movement

“Becoming clear about the meaning of what we are teaching” We’re thrilled to welcome Andrew (Dr Yogi) McGonigle back to Whitespace! He’s a medically trained yoga and anatomy teacher whose passion is making anatomy for Yoga teachers’ fun, practical and inclusive. Teaching yoga can be just as challenging as it is rewarding, and it’s easyView Full Post »

Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers: An Exploration of Upper Limbs & Spine

“The most useful and informative day that I have spent in years!” Jo W, Yoga teacher We’re thrilled to welcome Dr Yogi (Andrew McGonigle) back to Whitespace! He’s a medically trained yoga and anatomy teacher whose passion is making anatomy for Yoga teachers’ fun, practical and inclusive. In this workshop, Andrew will explore in detailView Full Post »

Intro to Deep Relaxation – 3 week course

Join Ali for a 3-week exploration of deep relaxation practice to find ease within the body and mind… Take time to learn and reflect on which is the most suitable deep relaxation practice at any given time. Discover the appropriate practice to support us during periods of stress as well as enhancing our over-all well-being.View Full Post »

Unwind & Release through Somatic Movement

“The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one’s being to be experienced, enriched and, thereby, educated” ~ Thomas Hanna The tissue in our body absorbs our living experience.  Everything from the food we eat, the exercise we take and the stress of life events – the body keepsView Full Post »

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