Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Teachers with Dr Yogi

 April 13, 2019   10.30am - 5.30pm  with Andrew McGonigle

A day-long immersion with Andrew McGonigle “Dr Yogi”

In this immersion, Andrew will explore in detail the anatomy and physiology of our body applied to practising and teaching yoga. All the areas covered are related directly back to the asana practice. The sessions are interactive and experiential with lots of group work and there is strong focus on using anatomy to make asana practices as inclusive as possible.

This workshop is perfect for teachers who wish to refresh or plug gaps in their Anatomy training, building confidence for working with students through this lens. It’s also suitable for serious yoga practitioners who want to learn more about the human body, go deeper in their yoga practice and develop alignment cues that are accurate and inclusive. We will explore anatomy to a depth that is appropriate for teaching yoga and a detailed handout is included.

In the morning session, we will look at an overview of anatomy applied to yoga, followed in the afternoon with a detailed exploration of the lower limbs.

Areas covered throughout the day include:

An Introduction to Intelligent Movement Principles 
  • An introduction to muscle looking at its structure and function and how we can apply the knowledge of stretch reflexes to deepen our practice
  • The structure and function of bone and joints looking at why alignment is important and what limits our movement
  • How a knowledge of fascia can impact our movement on and off the mat
  • The Nocebo Effect, and choosing empowering language
  • The causes of muscle tightness
  • Flexibility versus mobility
  • Anatomical language and how this can help us to remember the names of muscles
A detailed exploration of the Lower Limbs
  • An exploration of our feet and ankles looking at their structure and function, and how we can apply this knowledge on and off the mat
  • Why our knee joints may be vulnerable to injury and how to support them
  • A detailed look at the hip joints focusing on what makes each of us so unique
  • Piriformis Syndrome


Who’s it for?

An event not to be missed if you’re a yoga teacher, whether qualified or in training and from any tradition. Particularly aimed at teachers who want to continue their own learning and growth, so they can serve their students wholeheartedly. This workshop earns 6 CPD points for Yoga Alliance members.

Also, for keen students with at least one year of consistent practice who want to learn more about how the body works – and how to make it work better.

Event date

Saturday 13th April 2019
10.30am – 5.30pm

Event Fee


About Andrew

After originally training to become a doctor, Andrew moved away from western medicine to pursue a career as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher. Andrew has been practising yoga and meditation for over 13 years and teaching strong, grounding and inclusive classes since 2009.

He combines all his skills to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses across the UK and internationally. He is featured in the popular book Yoga Teaching Handbook: A Practical Guide for Yoga Teachers and Trainees. His teachers include Hamish Henry, Paul Dallaghan, Eileen Gauthier, Kristin Campbell and Anna Ashby. For more information about Andrew visit

Booking Information

Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610. Spaces on this training are limited and so will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid. Bookings are all on a first come first served basis and confirmed on payment.


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