Yin Yoga & Gong Workshop

 March 2, 2019   2pm - 4pm  with Kanti & Ali

“Time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves”

Experience the magical sounds of Kanti’s Crystal bowls, bells, chimes and healing Gongs, combined with the subtle yet effective Yin postures guided by the wonderful Ali. We will take up residence in our bodies as this nourishing session enhances and stimulates Chi flow through the body’s meridians.

What To Expect
This session is designed to clear energetic pathways that have been depleted either through being overtaxed or simply through trauma or genetic predisposition.  Refuelling our energy hubs or cauldrons of energy has been long understood as a way of life in Chinese Medicine Theory practice.  Whether we understand these ancient forms from an Indian or Chinese perspective, all methods agree on 3 centres – head, heart & hara/dan tien (belly).  We will work together to re-establish the balance and harmony in our systems in a setting of loving kindness and compassion to ourselves, whilst being bathed in the sounds of Kanti’s healing sound art.  This will be a unique experience and is one not to be missed!

Who’s It For?
Open to everyone, no previous yoga experience is required

Date and Investment
Saturday 2nd March 2019
2pm – 4pm

Full Price: £35
Members: £31.50

About Kanti/Ali
Kanti found her passion for sound through her Yoga Teacher training 8 years ago when sitting in a group Om meditation where she felt the very physical effects that the sound vibrations were having on her body. She completed a course in Sound Healing with the college founder Simon Heather, who assisted in connecting her with her voice. Kanti’s study of sound has evolved in the past few years as she has developed a deep connection with the Gong including ‘gong baths’ and ‘gong meditation’ sessions. Kant’s has done several in-depth Gong Master trainings with the Godfather of Gonging the legendary Don Conreaux.

Ali is a regular Whitespace teacher; you may have attended one of her yoga or deep relaxation classes. She is an experienced Yoga Nidra and Meditation teacher and has been teaching for 10 years.  Ali trained with the Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI), and SATYA Sensory Awareness Training. She holds regular classes and workshops and is dedicated to facilitating the teachings of this deeply transformative practice.

Booking Info
Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610. Spaces on this training are limited and will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid. Bookings are on a first come first served basis, full payment is required to secure your place.

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