Sound Meditation (Gong Bath)

 July 5, 2020   6.30pm - 8pm  with Kanti Freeman

Join us for a deeply meditative experience – raising awareness of ourselves, stepping closer to harmony, energy balance and spiritual uplifting.

Sound vibrations have been used throughout history by many cultures to maintain balance and harmony. In this 90-minute session, Kanti will create a landscape of sounds to help you enter a deep state of meditation, allowing you to experience the healing effect on the body and mind.

What To Expect
Bathe in the sound waves of hand-crafted meditation gongs and other sacred instruments.
Excellent for stress, anxiety relief and relaxation.
Improves sleep and boosts energy.
Achieve an overall sense of ease and well-being – promoting a more positive outlook on life.
A perfect compliment to your physical practice although influential and beneficial on its own.

Who’s it For?
Open to all experience levels (whether you practice yoga or not) but precautions should be taken if any of the following apply;

  • Pregnancy (not recommended under 3 months)
  • Tinnitus / Meniere’s Disease / Epilepsy – any condition which is sound sensitive
  • Metal implants / pins / screws / pacemaker (sound can resonate the metal or change the rhythm of a pacemaker)
  • Mental health conditions

Date & Investment
Sunday 5th July 2020
6.30pm – 8pm

Full Price: £24
Members Price: £21.60

About Kanti
Kanti found her passion for sound when sitting in a group Om meditation where she felt the physical effects that sound vibrations have on the body. She has evolved her study of sound and completed several in-depth Gong Master trainings with the Godfather of Gonging – The legendary Don Conreaux.

Booking Information
Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610.

Spaces for this event are limited and so will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid. Bookings are all on a first come first served basis and confirmed upon payment.

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