Sleep Well Workshop

 November 25, 2018   1pm - 5pm  with Ali Dyer

About the Event

Our 24/7 lifestyles have resulted in many people enduring nights of sleepless tossing and turning. Poor sleep has become a worldwide epidemic, with 5 million people using insomnia, stress and anxiety remedies in the UK*alone.

The longer-term effects of poor sleep are more sinister than just nodding off on the daily commute; it is linked to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and chronic pain. Signs that poor sleep might be a problem include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep, and remaining asleep
  • Troubled and disrupted
  • Falling asleep at the wrong time eg. Whilst driving
  • Fatigue and impaired performance resulting in errors and accidents
  • Increased anxiety, irritability or depression
  • Headache and chronic pain complaints

Sleep is the ultimate ‘reset’ button, without adequate rest we loose the ability to discharge stress and tension. Instead, stress responses become patterned into our body’s tissues and we lose our ability to feel at ease. The Sleep Well workshop is the opportunity to explore and learn simple techniques for better sleep and deep rest. You’ll learn a combination of techniques from meditation, somatic movement and yoga nidra, enabling you to take home practical skills to prepare your mind and body for sleep and deep rest. You’ll also discover how journaling and sleep hygiene can support you towards optimal rest. * 2017

Who’s it for?

In a nutshell this is for EVERYONE, even ‘good sleepers’ – anyone who wants to learn tips and techniques for getting the best rest during times of stress, travel, ill health or when you want to ‘top up the tank’ and access more awareness in your everyday tasks.  No previous experience of meditation or yoga is required.

About Ali

Ali’s a regular Whitespace teacher; you may have attended one of her yoga or deep relaxation classes. She combines 15 years of teaching experience and an equally long-term relationship with Insomnia, with her completed iRest training and SATYA Sensory Awareness training. The skills and tools she teaches in this workshop will bring a new understanding of sleep and rest, helping to change your relationship with insomnia, as well as bring wider benefits on an emotional and physical level

Event date & investment

Sunday 25th November 2018
1.00pm – 5.00pm
£45/ £40 early bird before 4th November.
Members pricing £40.50/ £36 early bird before 4th November.

Booking Information

Book online today or give us a call on 01908 566610! Spaces on this training are limited and so will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid. Bookings are all on a first come first served basis and confirmed on payment.


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