Free Talk – Nutrient Power for Yoga: Learn How Foods Support your Yoga Practice

 November 15, 2019   7.30pm - 8.45pm  with Sarah Kassam

“A healthy outside starts from the inside” – Robert Ulrich

Healthful foods have been explored and used for healing and maintaining strength for centuries. These ancient teachings are the origins of our more recently recognised ‘superfoods’, found in whole and plant-based foods.

Join Sarah Kassam-Hirji and discover the power of nutrients, and how to use these foods to support strength and flexibility in your yoga practice.  Combined with a diet rich in nutrient-dense food, yoga practice is now accepted as a complimentary therapy to support both rehabilitation and prevention from illness and injury.

What to Expect
During this session, Sarah will share evidence from current research and traditional Eastern science. Aiming to cultivate a greater understanding of the power in our bodies; revealing what they are capable of and how this is supported with nature-made foods.

We’ll explore what makes each food ‘super’. Examining the different nutritional profiles of foods that support movement and recovery and discussing properties such as ‘antioxidants’ and ‘phytochemicals’. You’ll discover the unique compounds across whole-foods and plant-based foods to reveal how these foods can increase flexibility and stamina.

This insightful talk aims to inspire and motivate you to create healthy food practices, supporting you on and off the mat.

Who is it for? 
Anyone with an interest in nutrition and yoga

Workshop Date and Investment
Friday 15th November 2019
7.30pm – 8.45pm


About Sarah
Sarah is a qualified Wellbeing Therapist, using current research in yoga and nutrition associated with wellbeing theories to support and counsel clients on ways to live and be well.  She has completed two science degrees qualifying her to specialize in positive psychology approaches for physical and emotional rehabilitation. As well as a regular yoga teacher here at Whitespace, she is currently working in a clinical field of Speech and Language Therapy.

Booking Information
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