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I was so excited about going to my first ever yoga class, especially after a hard working and stressful period in my life. I knew a few things about yoga, in general, and about its benefits for health, but nothing specifically. Sophie has invited me to this event and it came at the perfect moment of my life.

It was Sunday afternoon, after the Saturday’s MK Beauty Awards where I was the winner for Upcoming Beauty Blogger in Milton Keynes. That day was a beautiful sunny autumnal day; I would say – the best day for relaxing. On my way to Whitespace Studio, I’ve received a phone call, you know, that phone call that no-one is expecting. My grandma, the only grandma that I had, passed away; and I was far away from my family. The moment was hard, very hard.

Whitespace Yoga Studio

This is the real life, one day you are happy to the moon and back and the next day you are crying out to sleep. Here is the best time to start doing yoga. Thank God for beautiful and inspiring people who organised this event ‘for my best day’.

My experience at Whitespace Studio

Anyway, I was already on my way to Whitespace, so I thought I would use this time to make myself stronger and I’ve done. The people from Whitespace receives us with a warm and kind atmosphere. Everything there is calm, quiet and relaxing, even the building and nature around look lovely.

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Whitespace Yoga Studio

The studio is situated on level 2 or 3 and has big windows, making the studio looks bright, full of natural light and not being seen by people from other buildings. The studio is situated in an old historical building, in a quiet, beautiful neighbourhood of Stony Stratford.

Whitespace Yoga Studio

Our teacher was Sarah – a yoga teacher who teach us a few different moves, from classic Yoga to restorative, relaxing and a few minutes of meditation. She was so lovely, warm, calm that made the time to pass so fast and it was so relaxing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the class and I already paid for a beginner Intro Special plan.

If you are like me, avoiding the gym or you are not allowed to go to the gym, you should try a yoga session. If you have an active and stressful live or you work many hours on your desk, definitely you should try yoga!

Whitespace Yoga Studio

Whitespace Yoga Studio

Whitespace Yoga Studio

Whitespace Yoga and Wellbeing Studio

Whitespace is a wellbeing studio that offers yoga, meditation, pilates for adults and children. The place was founded in 2010 by Deborah  Berryman’s vision – a place where everyone can experience and grow through mind-body practices, in a safe, warm, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

With a warm atmosphere, the top teachers and beautiful, light-filled studios, they offer over 55 classes a week in many different styles, and also host workshops and playshops.

Written by: Debora Tentis 

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