Teacher Mentoring

We recognise that as a yoga teacher or practitioner you never stop learning; certainly learning does not end with a teaching qualification.

We have TWO Teacher Mentorship options which are both designed to give you support after your training. We provide graduates with an effective platform to continue their studies and gain real life experience teaching classes, refining their skills and studying directly with a Senior Yoga Teacher. If you’re serious about becoming a GREAT Yoga Teacher, then this is for you.

This 6 month intimate continued learning programme, combines in-house mini-workshops, class assisting and intensive mentoring – all to give you the hands-on experience, skills and individual guidance needed to take your teaching to a whole new level.

An excellent opportunity to gain experience, hone your teaching skills and gain the confidence to move into the role of a teacher.

These personally tailored 1-to-1 Teacher Mentoring sessions can help you to work through areas of teaching in which you would like feedback, skills gaps, sequencing and so on. Sessions are friendly and supportive and, as well as offering you information, guidance and resources, helping to build confidence in your teaching.

Sessions can be booked with any of our teachers for 30 or 60mins.

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