The Warrior Challenge is BACK!

Starting on 1st June and throughout the month, you’ll be able to join the Warrior Challenge – taking 21-classes in 30-days – and be in with a chance of winning 1-year’s Way of Life Membership for FREE + a pair of tickets to the fabulous OM & Bass Festival!
That’s right, you could win a whole year of unlimited classes completely for FREE.

Why should I do the Challenge?

We know so many of you love the Warrior Challenge and here’s why!

  1. It provides the opportunity to attend more classes and feel the benefits of regular practice and consistent practice. Previous students have raved about how amazing they feel, one even going on to sign up for Teacher Training!
  2. It’s a great kick-start to your summer of ‘healthy and happy’
  3. When you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win TWO brilliant prizes:
    1-year’s Way of Life Membership for FREE
    Plus a pair of tickets to the fabulous OM & Bass Festival!
  4. MOST importantly, you get a sticker for every class to attend (we know you guys go CRAZY for those stickers!

We will have a Warrior Challenge board up in reception where you can add your sticker each time you come to class to keep track. It’s always been super fun and we can’t wait to bring it back! We hope you’ll join us with the challenge!

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have achieved an incredible personal challenge and journey, by completing 21-days of classes in June, AND you will automatically be entered to WIN 1 year’s membership of unlimited classes so that you can continue your fantastic new habit!

PLUS, you could also WIN a pair of day tickets to the super fabulous OM & Bass festival!

💛🎤 OM & Bass: Yoga, Dance & Wellbeing Festival
🗓 Friday, 26 July – Sunday, 28 July 2019
📍 Watlington Hill Farm Sanctuary, Christmas Common, Ox49 5HS

How do I take part?

The first challenge is to make a commitment to yourself in promising to attend 21 classes in June. For some, that could mean throwing out your usual excuses for not following your commitment through and for others, it’s about not setting unrealistic expectations and instead setting aside time in your diary to reach your goal. Not only will you feel a sense of achievement but you will also transform your yoga practice into a favourite habit!

How do I sign up?

Get your name on the board!
If this sounds like the challenge for you – then you can sign up at front desk between the 25th – 31st of May. We’ll be keeping track of everyone’s classes using a chart on the wall.

Are there any rules?

Keeping it simple.

Classes must be completed within the month of June. You can take your 21 classes whenever it works for you. Stay for 2 or even 3 classes in one evening, and you’ve already making big leaps towards your goal. Check out different styles and teachers – June 2019 will be your month to experience the full Whitespace studio practice experience.

Going on holiday?

No problem, there’s still plenty of time. Planning ahead and thinking about the days you WILL be here and which classes you can attend is the key. For those super keen, it’s possible to attend 21 classes in only 4 days!

How do I pay for 21 classes?

1. You currently use a 10 Class Pass
Upgrade your class pass to a monthly unlimited membership and enjoy unlimited classes throughout June! Or for one month only, you can top up your class pass with our special Warrior Challenge Pass offer! (see below)

2. You’re currently a Way of Life Member
Easy! Come to as many classes as you can in June. Make the most of your unlimited classes and really go for it!

3. You’re currently a Monthly Member
Top up your membership to 21 classes using our Warrior Challenge special 16 class pass! Save big and pay less than £5 per class with this fantastic offer…

16 class pass for £79 
Valid for 1 month from purchase date
Available to buy in the first week of June 2019 only


Deborah’s Top Tips For Succeeded The 21 Day Challenge

1. Make yourself accountable – Write down your goal and tell someone about your plans. This will sink the commitment into your mind and make you accountable to prove you can do it!

2. Make coming to class a priority – Take a look at your daily routine and that ‘To Do List’ to determine what really needs to stay. Put attending a class at the top and make it a non-negotiable.

3. Make time for class – Plan which classes you can attend and make it an appointment in your diary. If it’s in your schedule, you are more likely to keep the commitment – you wouldn’t miss a doctors or dentist appointment so apply the same mindset to your class planner.

4. Keep it simple – Try to avoid burning out too early on and work at a maintainable pace by not over stretching. Use whatever props you need to help with getting into poses comfortably. There’s nothing worse than aching on day 2 and holding you back from your 21 days.

5. Talk about it – In the studio to other students, to the teacher, to us, on social media – to anyone! It’s a great way to stay motivated and also spur on your fellow Warriors! We’ll be there to help give you the support and encouragement along your journey!

Really go for it!

Completing your 21-day yoga challenge will require discipline, commitment, focus, and sacrifice.  But it’s so worth it!  Get on your mat for three weeks and watch your life change for the better.

A word of caution, though: Instead of making a laundry list of goals (to be thinner, younger, calmer), just give yourself the gift of daily practice—then, share your experiences with us.

So now that you’re prepared, GO FOR IT!

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