📅 ☀️ NEW Timetable, Teachers and Classes

Summer has arrived and we are welcoming the new season with a new summer timetable!

Our new summer timetable comes into effect from Monday 29th July. There are a few changes, including new classes we think you’ll love! Be sure to check out the details below.

Keep it green. Download your copy today, stick it on your fridge or in your bag, and start planning that all-important ‘me time’ for the summer! You can collect your printed timetable from the front desk or view our live timetable at any time.

We’re also saying Goodbye and Hello to some of our teachers…be sure to read below.


A sad farewell to Amy

Join us in wishing Amy all the very best of luck as she leaves the area and heads to the countryside for her new chapter in Devon. Amy’s been with us for many, many years – we’ve LOVED having her as part of our Whitespace family and will all miss her deeply.


✨A very warm welcome to our two new teachers! ✨

Claire Bradley: Yoga Teacher

We are excited to announce the brilliant Claire is joining the Whitespace family.

Claire has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and was one of our fantastic Teacher Trainees 💛 Find out more about Claire. 

Claire will be teaching yoga basics on Tuesdays at 10am. 


Elisa De Grey: Yoga & Meditation Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Elisa to the weekly schedule.

Elisa has been teaching for over 10-years and is excited to teach at Whitespace – particularly as she grew up in Stony Stratford. Find out more about Elisa. 

Join Elisa on a Friday for 2 wonderful classes; Meditation at 9.45am and Yoga at 10.30am.



Overview of Timetable Changes

6.45pm – 7.45pm: Yoga Flow Basics with Ruth – New Level 1 class

10am – 11am: Yoga Basics with Mona – New teacher: Claire (from 6th August) 
10.30am – 11.30am: Yin Yoga with Amy – Cancelled  
10.30am – 11.30am: Gentle Somatics with Ali – New level 1 class

No changes

10.30am – 11.30am: Yin Yoga with Christine – New class
8.15pm – 9.15pm: Ashtanga Led with Lisa – New Level 3 class 

9.45am – 10.30am: Meditation with Amy – New teacher: Elisa  
10.30am – 11.30am: Yoga with Amy – New teacher: Elisa  
11.40am – 12.40pm: Restorative Yoga with Amy – New teacher: Carly 

No Changes 

No changes


What is Gentle Somatics? 

Mindful Somatic movements, combined with meditation and breathwork, are done on the floor in a flowing style, without any force.

The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve slow controlled sliding, gliding and circular movements designed to unlock deeply held patterns of stress and imbalance.

What is Yoga Basic Flow?

These mid-tempo-paced classes introduce the basics of a ‘flow’ practice, cultivating the skill of linking breath while moving more dynamically. These are perfect if you’ve completed a Beginners Course, spent some time on the Basics or just enjoy a more energising practice. Classes are upbeat and fun with clear, specific instructions.

Join Ruth for this brand new class on Mondays at 6.45pm.


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