❄️Snow Update…

SATURDAY 17th and SUNDAY 18th MARCH UPDATE ❄The weather forecast for the weekend is light snow, we don’t foresee this causing any problems and all classes will be running as normal. Should there be any change we will be sure to let you know, just keep updated via our Website and Facebook page.❄

SATURDAY 3rd MARCH UPDATE: ** as the local roads are still proving difficult, we’ve decided to cancel classes for the rest of the day – there will be no Dynamic Flow and Family Yoga this afternoon. There will also be no Mysore class at 7am tomorrow (Sunday). Please watch this space for updates on tomorrow’s classes! 🙏

FRIDAY UPDATE: As the roads have stayed ‘treacherous’, we’ve cancelled all classes today. We expect things to be back to normal tomorrow, but keep checking in as we keep an eye on the weather and roads. Stay safe and warm!

THURSDAY UPDATE: The roads have got tricky in some places, and so we’ve decided to cancel all classes this evening. Please take care and drive carefully on your way home, and watch this space about classes for tomorrow.

MONDAY: We are expecting to have snow over the next few days so we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments – hopefully this won’t cause any disruptions. We recommend to allow extra time for travelling if we experience any flurries of the pretty stuff.

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