Revitalise Yourself This September!

Summer can be a really busy time for a lot of us, with holidays, kids off school and a full social diary. So as we move in to September, a month of change and reinvention, it’s a great time to start to slow down, get some calm and revitalise yourself!

Your yoga mat might have been gathering dust in the corner and your 10 minute a day meditation practice might have moved to an extra 10 minutes in bed as the busy summer took hold. If your practice has fallen by the wayside over the summer, start small and get yourself back in to your practice –  ease yourself in with a gentler class or perhaps take a workshop to get inspired again. Make a commitment to come once a week and most of all be kind to yourself!

For some inspiration on how to be kind to yourself, check out this great article!

You know it feels good and makes sense, so go for it! For advice about yoga styles and teachers, give us a call…we love hearing from you and talking about yoga!

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