Sara – Yoga Teacher

Sara Wilmot

My style and approach to teaching yoga…
I teach a Vinyasa Flow style, suitable for all levels and ages, based in Hatha and influenced by Astanga. The classes are always pretty informal and relaxed, challenging but fun I hope and I will try and make you smile. I aim to challenge you and motivate you, and through the flow you will find a mental stillness and a grace. Yoga gives you an unique opportunity to focus on yourself physically and mentally, allowing you to forget the usual daily routine and let you re-set your mind and body.

My approach to Yoga is to guide people through breath-led movement, creating a self awareness and self confidence. When people feel confident, they are more inclined to have a healthier approach to their lives and themselves. I hope my class gives people self-confidence, some strength (physically and/or mentally), a moment of stillness to have some personal time and refreshed energy.

My experience and training so far…
I started practising yoga in my 20’s as a way to compliment my running regime and my job in the theatre.  It helped me to unravel and relax which was a challenge as a young actress and then I got hooked.  In the last 5 years, I started to shift the balance in my life by pulling back from a very corporate job and re-introducing more creativity. I started to teach music again, started painting again but I needed a physical way to express myself …hence Yoga teacher training. I trained for 2.5 years with The British Wheel of Yoga, receiving a teaching Diploma in 2012.

Like most things in my life, I didn’t completely plan it perfectly and wasn’t sure where it would take me.. but my teaching has become so important to me – the people; the community of Yogis and it’s so great to see people’s commitment and how they grow and learn. I am still learning and loving the journey.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace…
I approach things in a simple way. I like to throw in a class challenge that will probably be new to me as well as you and I never take myself too seriously.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace…
There is a wonderful support system within the teacher community that is invaluable and the student’s commitment and enthusiasm never fails to amaze.

What’s your favourite pose and why?
Each week I try and find a pose or a different version of a pose that is new to me and that becomes my favourite. But an old favourite is Savasana (which I don’t do enough) after Peacock, which is challenging but satisfying.

The biggest thing Yoga has taught you?
That your health and wellbeing is the most important thing, and you really have to help yourself before you can help anyone else.

A fun fact about me…
I never follow recipes when baking. You should try my turnip and blueberry mash!

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