Karen – Pilates Teacher

My style and approach to teaching pilates
As a teacher I myself am on an ongoing journey of learning and development and I love sharing my knowledge with others  hoping to inspire and motivate. My aim through my teaching is to ensure that all clients can benefit from and enjoy my classes regardless of their level of ability, flexibility, strength and mobility, mindful that these can vary from day to day, week to week, and that we are all different as individuals. I focus on the Pilates principles, using use plenty of cueing, description and imagery to help people understand, visualise and perform the exercises safely and with precision, whilst encouraging them to challenge themselves and progress.  I like people to feel uplifted when they have finished my class, and to leave looking forward to the next one!

My experience and training so far
I am passionate about Pilates which I have been practising almost daily for many years and I have been teaching since I qualified in 2015. I also have a Masters degree in Nutrition and am a Registered Dietitian and believe that these attributes complement my Pilates instruction. In future I hope to continue my training in specific areas such  as ante- and post-natal Pilates, and for individuals with specific health issues.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace
My experience of  working, sharing and communicating with a wide variety of  individuals helping them enhance  their physical and mental wellbeing.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace
Being in an inspiring and calming holistic environment that allows a temporary escape from the outside world.

 A fun fact about me
Once upon a time I was an au pair on a yacht in the Caribbean…

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