Kanti – Sound Meditation Teacher


My style and approach to teaching
I would say my approach is to make what I offer accessible to all; I never take myself too seriously so my intention is that any session you attend with me is full of warmth, laughter and love.

My experience and training so far
Kanti found her passion for sound through her Yoga Teacher training 13 years ago. Whilst sitting in a group Om meditation she felt the very physical effects that the sound vibrations were having on her body, which was the catalyst for her to study sound over the past decade. Kanti has developed a deep connection with the Gong through facilitating hundreds of ‘gong baths’ or ‘sound meditation’ sessions. Kanti’s has done several in-depth Gong Master trainings with the legendary Don Conreaux who was instructed in the use of Gongs for therapeutic benefit by Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini Yoga and the Gong to the West back in the 1960’s

The special quality I bring to Whitespace
I bring my passion for sound and creating sacred space and a unique experience.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace
There is a great community of amazing teachers and students at Whitespace and I am so grateful to be a part of this.

A fun fact about me
I love trekking in the Himalayas


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