Flavia – Pilates Teacher

Flavia Di Tomassi

My style and approach to teaching …
I have been studying Pilates for over two years before deciding to qualify as Matwork instructor and help people improve their lives through this fantastic, powerful and effective method of movement. Pilates is essential for my well-being and this is the motivation and the inspiration I wish to pass to my students.

I love training, learning and improving my Pilates teaching and practicing skills. Teaching Pilates is a constant, two way learning opportunity with the people in front of me: it’s their moment out of the daily crazy life to focus on their own bodies – all bodies, regardless of shape, size or fitness level. Pilates is a journey for everyone and we all start somewhere!

I truly believe that people can inspire each other and bring out the best part of themselves. It works for me and I hope I can inspire people around me in the same way.

My experience and training so far…
I have been practising Pilates in London for over two years before qualifying in May 2015 and I have been teaching group classes ever since. In London, I worked in gyms and Pilates studios where I learned how to adapt and customize the level and the style of the classes to best meet the students’ needs and specific body requirements. My goal has always been to offer a solid and challenging class that has all the principles and the benefits of Pilates with an attentive focus on the bodies in front of me.

I moved to teaching full time in May 2017 and my Pilates journey is now focused on my comprehensive Equipment Diploma training with Michael King Pilates and I am also completing my Pre and Post Natal qualification with Rachel Rafiefar, former Director of the Pilates Foundation UK Ltd and currently Co-chair of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise teachers.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace…
I like thinking that my teaching style combines solid knowledge and focus on the students’ bodies (well, that’s my goal!) with a little banter and empathy, keeping it very “human”. I am a physiology/anatomy/ Pilates method geek but I like to blend it with a genuine interest for the person as a whole (mind, body, lifestyle, experiences) and with a good laugh.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace…
Since I moved to Milton Keynes I looked at Whitespace as one of the places I wanted to be, before even having taught there once. I think the positive, calming energy of the place inspired me. I then realised that my vibes where totally right once I got to know the people staff and students! Also, it’s the only place and time where a tried a Yoga class and loved it!

What’s your favourite pose and why?
Amongst the classical Pilates repertoire, my favourite is probably the Control Balance.

The biggest thing Pilates has taught you?
The main thing I learnt is the huge, unused potential of the human body when connected to the mind and led by focus.

A fun fact about me…
I have had ink-blue hair for the past 2 years.. and I am ready to get my blue back soon!

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