Chris – Mindfulness Teacher

Chris Jones

My style and approach to teaching…
I have worked for many years in the field of mental health and wellbeing and I have had a personal yoga and meditation practice for most of that time, mainly in order to provide me with the inner resilience to manage the stress of this type of demanding work. During this time, I trained as a yoga teacher in the Kashmir tradition. When teaching mindfulness classes, I set out to model and embody the qualities of compassion, curiosity and non-judgement which form the basis of mindfulness practices

My experience and training so far…
Ten years ago a friend working with Mark Williams at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre introduced me to the practices of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. I found these practices invaluable in negotiating a time of great change in my life and when I retired from full time work in 2013 I trained as a mindfulness teacher with Bangor University. Since then I have lead a variety of mindfulness workshops and courses both nationally and locally.  I follow the National good practice guidelines, attending regular teaching retreats, and update my practice by attending Master Classes and meeting with my supervisor. I was privileged to be able to go to a week’s summer school at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre last year led by Professor Mark Williams.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace…
I have witnessed the benefits of mindfulness practices for many different people, and I have a passion to do what I can to introduce the concepts to all who are seeking to restore balance and peace in their lives.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace…
I love the fact that Whitespace is a beautiful, dedicated space for yoga and meditation and the feeling of peace that envelopes you when you walk through the doors.

What’s your favourite practice and why?
The three Step Breathing Space with all its variations enables you to bring into the moments of everyday life, as they are occurring, the essence of mindfulness practice that are found in formal sittings. This enables me to face challenges and joys alike with equanimity and full awareness

The biggest thing Mindfulness has taught you?
To find a way of living peacefully in the present moment without constantly going over past events which can’t be changed or worrying about future events which may never happen.

A fun fact about me…
I’m engaged in a project which combines mindfulness techniques with working with the horses and the natural world- this includes ‘mindful pooh picking’!


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