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Carly Slade

My style and approach to teaching …
I seek to promote a culture of inner listening and self-enquiry in my classes, inviting students to listen inwardly before moving outwardly and over time developing a strong relationship to their own unique inner teacher. My ultimate ambition is for each student to fully understand the modifications, adaptations and alternatives available to them throughout every practice and to choose rest when they need it, so that they can develop their own supportive and nurturing approach. I am particularly interested in the use of the breath and body scan techniques to anchor the mind into the body, increase vitality and calm the body systems.

My experience and training so far…
I found yoga at 17 and at 26 decided whilst at the top of a mountain that I wanted to share this life to change practice with others. I went on to complete my yoga teacher training qualification at Whitespace in June 2016 and started teaching in studios, forests, halls, yurts and offices straight away. I have continued to develop my teaching through a number of CPD workshops including, studying injuries in more depth with Deborah Berryman and Austin Norris, a Vinyasa Flow intensive with Dawn Wright, an introduction to Yoga Nidra and iRest with James Reeves, Yoga Nidra Foundation with Nirlipta Tuli and a 40 hour Well Woman Yoga Therapy training course with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace…
The special quality I bring is enthusiasm and honesty. I am generally incredibly enthusiastic about everything and that comes from a place of deep gratitude for this incredible earth we live on, but I also like to be open and honest about life’s challenges.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace…
This could be a very long list, but I would have to say the community. I have made friends for life through training and attending classes here. Whitespace truly has an incredible sangha and community feel and this makes it feel like home.

What’s your favourite pose and why?
Tarasana, star pose! It’s just a total melter. I have cycled most of my life and walk in nature most days which is incredible for my mind, but leaves my hips in a bit of a state. This pose completely melts it all away.

The biggest thing Yoga has taught you?
SO many things, but I would say the biggest lesson has definitely been slowing down and self-care. I now make time for Yoga Nidra every single day (almost!) no matter how busy I am and remember to stop and take space the moment I start to feel myself fret. I definitely don’t always get it right but every single yoga practice reminds me of the importance of the pause before action and the unparalleled benefits of active rest.

A fun fact about me…
I sing and play banjo as part of a country duo with my partner and we live in a caravan in the countryside!

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