Ayse – Pilates Teacher


My style and approach to teaching pilates
Having worked in offices in the past, I recognise how our everyday life with predominant sitting can affect our health. Therefore I always aim to encourage others to apply the Pilates Principles every moment of their day. This means when walking, sitting, standing or lying down I am maintaining my alignment using the Pilates Principles which is breathing, concentration, centring, control, precision and flowing movement. Holding these six principles in mind every time we work out becomes our second nature over time. As Pilates said, these principles combine to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill.

My experience and training so far
I have practiced Pilates since 2009 and it helped to improve my posture, my balance, my muscle strength and my flexibility. This is the reason in 2013 I completed my education at Pilates Advanced Training School, since then I love teaching Pilates. I am also a qualified Indoor Cycling and Insanity Instructor with a Diploma in Nutrition. I believe physical activity & proper nutrition plan works better together, creating the capacity for better performance. I still actively continue my studies and attending many courses in this field to expand my knowledge.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace
Here at Whitespace I also introduce students each month with a piece of equipment such as the resistance band, massage ball, small ball or the magic circle to add a fun factor for additional resistance and challenge when performing Pilates exercises. Modification is also an essential element in my classes to allow making an exercise more or less difficult or adjust it to compensate for any physical limitations you may have.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace
I first discovered Pilates through Whitespace Studio and now delighted to return to this amazing place as a Pilates Instructor to assist others to achieve their goals in their everyday life.

A fun fact about me
I will often introduce new pieces of equipment to keep classes fun!

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