Anna – Yoga Teacher

Anna McEvoy

My style and approach to teaching yoga
I’ve always loved the flow of yoga and its link to dance movements, but exploring the breath as it enters the body and leaves adds another deeper dimension for me to discover and teach. I also like to pass these ideas onto children to play with.

My experience and training so far
I first went to yoga classes at 16 and started teaching myself at 19. I undertook 3 BWY foundation courses with Maarten Vermasse before studying for the BWY Diploma teaching course under him. I then went on to study Buddhism and Yoga with him. It was the Pranayama aspect of Maarten’s teaching that continues to inspire my own practice and teaching. After having a child, I started to explore the fun side of yoga with families.

The special quality I bring to Whitespace Creativeness
An opportunity to explore and discover your body through the breath and creativity.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace
The space, the time and most importantly, the community

A fun fact about me
I have been dancing since I was five and still perform regularly in a local belly dance troupe!

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