Ali – Yoga Teacher

Ali Dyer

My style and approach to teaching yoga…
As I learn and grow so too does my teaching content, but my aim is always to teach from the heart so that students can embrace yoga from a felt sense in the body and mind.  It is here that change can start to happen and what, I believe, makes yoga an embodied physical, mental and emotional experience.  I endeavour to make classes informative and engaging with lots of reference to anatomy and clear alignment cues as I firmly believe this helps us to develop a healthy connection and intimacy with our bodies so that we can move with compliance and compassion.  Once we work with what we have the rest can unfold in an unhurried and calm way allowing us to become more spacious, more knowing and more discerning.

My experience and training so far…
I’ve been practising for 18 years and teaching for eight years and have had the opportunity to train in the UK and overseas with some of the Yoga world’s most respected teacher trainers including Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Bridge Woods Kramer, Judith Hanson Lasater, A G Mohan, and Richard Freeman.  I qualified with BWY Level One with the Life Centre, Anusara 200 hour with Bridget Woods Kramer,  as well as completing Yin immersion with Sarah Lo and i-Rest level one (teacher in training).

The special quality I bring to Whitespace …
Feet on the ground, pragmatic and open minded.

My favourite thing about working at Whitespace…
Community.  Caring. Compassion. Oh yes and cake…..

What’s your favourite pose and why?
Down dog – from that first spread of the fingers and connection to the ground to the lift and expansion of breath and body.

The biggest thing Yoga has taught you?
I don’t have to walk the path that I believed I had to, and for this I am empowered and humbled in equal measures.

A fun fact about me…
I used to be a Mounted Military Policewoman!


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