My First Yoga & Meditation Experience – Lauren Shh

Whitespace Yoga Studio
Yoga has always been something I’ve liked the idea of, but something I’ve never really taken the time to try, so I jumped at the chance when I was invited to attend a yoga and meditation session at Whitespace studio in Stony Stratford with the Milton Keynes bloggers.
Whitespace Yoga Studio
I was so nervous, to begin with as I’d never tried yoga in a ‘proper’ studio before. I’d given it the odd go at home with a YouTube video but could never seem to concentrate so I was both nervous and excited as to how I was going to find it at White Space.
When I arrived I was welcomed by the relaxing scent of incense and a lovely lady on reception who then showed us upstairs to a light, open studio filled with yoga mats and equipment. There was also drinks and snacks set up in the corner with sweet treats and Peel Juice bar juices that tasted so good!
Peel Juice Bar Snacks
The yoga session lasted around 30 minutes and then finished with a 15 minute light meditation. I’d always been sceptical about meditation as I just didn’t think it was possible for my mind to ‘switch off’, however, we were told to embrace any thought our mind wandered to, and then focus back on the meditation, which felt more natural than just trying to block all thoughts out!
The yoga session was a beginners class focused on breathing through different stretches with our body. I found the whole experience so relaxing, to the point that I felt like I could have gone to sleep! What I really liked about the session was that Sarah (our yoga instructor) made me feel so comfortable which meant that I was able to relax and not worry about whether I was doing the wrong/right move.
Whitespace Yoga Studio
We ended the session with a Q&A with Sarah and Heather to discuss anything we wanted to know about the studio, yoga and meditation.
I really enjoyed the whole experience and realise how important it is to spend time focusing on yourself and as they say, feeling ‘zen’ as it really does make you feel calm, relaxed and helps take some stress away, even if it just for an hour of the day. I’m definitely going to try and make more time for some yoga and meditation in my life!
The studio offers a variety of memberships depending on what you’re looking for; drop-in classes, beginners specials, monthly memberships and class passes, which sound really good as it means you can come and go as you please!
Written by: Lauren Shh

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