Midyear Wellbeing Goals: It’s never too late to focus on YOU

As the season transitions into Summer, the mid-year slump looms. Way back in January when we set our goals for the new year, we often make the mistake of going full throttle, that we’ve burnt out and forgotten all about our intentions by June.

This midpoint is the perfect time to refocus on our goals and identify opportunities for progression and change in the second half of the year. So, we’ve put together our top tips on how to get back on track with your wellbeing goals and shift your focus back to you.

1. Don’t bombard yourself

Be realistic with what you want to achieve and how to accomplish it. Having multiple goals is great but you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed with responsibility to reach them all, which may stump progress. Be selective by tackling them in small, manageable steps which will help toward longer-term success.

2. Reconnect with your ‘why’

While you have been motivated by your goals back in January, a lot can change in 6 months, and your needs and wants may now be different. Ask yourself ‘why’ and if the answer doesn’t instantly come to mind then it might be time to make tweaks to re-spark your excitement and reconnect with your goals.

3. Track your progress and reward yourself

Monitoring or measuring your progress is a great way to stay focused and the perfect pick-me-up on the days where your ‘why’ seems foggy. Remember to reward yourself too, this will keep up your enthusiasm and you’ll be less likely to fall off the health wagon.

4. Rid yourself of distractions

Remove the distractions that are stopping you from achieving your goals and block out time in your schedule to work on them. Putting pen to paper makes it become a commitment as it reinforces our subconscious.

5. Take care of your mind too

So often we’re so fixated with our physical wellness, we forget about taking care of mental wellbeing. Switching off and allowing yourself time to relax and restore blocks out negative influences that could be halting progression. Being fully present can change your outlook and energy which could be just thing to get past those obstacles in the way of reaching your goals.

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