KEEP GOING! It’s worth it, I promise!

It’s often this week that we start to lose hope and faith in ourselves that change is possible. So often we feel trapped by our choices, or our lack of action. But the thing is, as long as we’re breathing, it is never too late. Yes we’ve made mistakes. Yes we’ve let it go on for too long. Lord knows we’re a little older and it takes more effort now, BUT we can only be where we are.

There is pain in change. That’s simply how it is. Sometimes we create more pain for ourselves by focusing on all of the stuff that isn’t working, that isn’t quite right, that isn’t happening quickly enough – instead of focusing on all of the things that ARE working, good enough and ok. Berating or hating ourselves is a sure way to making you feel more miserable and stuck.


So what to do? You start again, and you start now. You take one small action – make a call, search the net, ask for recommendations. That’s good enough. Start today. Pick something, anything that will make you feel a sense of hope or excitement. Find a way to start planting your tree today. Anything will do. Trees that are planted with hope and love and a little bit of trust blossom more quickly than you might think. Don’t wait.

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