I’ve had to learn a lot about gratitude over the years!

* GRATITUDE Hmmmmmm * …..I’ve had to learn a lot about gratitude over the years. Disappointingly I discovered in my 20s that having a genuine, heartfelt appreciation for everything I had in life wasn’t my default setting (shocker, I know!) That my wiring and training meant I had a tendency to focus on what wasn’t quite right, what was missing and what could be better. It’s a pretty miserable place to be I can tell you!

And so I learned that gratitude is a practice – it’s something I have to DO every day – and by DO, I mean literally sit down and look for the gems in my life and write out a gratitude list. For me, it’s the only pathway to real joy.
I’m not saying being grateful cures everything, I just know that when we start and end each day reminding ourselves of all the gifts in our lives, that has a huge impact on our outlook, and the way we’re moving through the day, and sleeping through the night. The more I remember how much I do have, and how many things are going well, the more I come from a place of contentment.

Join me this week in cultivating gratitude – give yourself the space to step back and count the many blessings in your life. HUGE love-blast coming your way

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