How to Set New Year’s Goals You’ll Enjoy

Need some inspiration to help set your intentions?
Here are some upcoming national days which we really LOVE!

🌎 Veganury
More than a quarter of a million people took part in the 31-day pledge to eat a plant-based diet last year. A study by the University of Oxford suggested that eating a vegan diet could be “single biggest way” to reduce individual carbon footprint. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact on our beautiful earth, you can try Veganury. Here are some shopping ideas from Vegauary. 

💙 Blue Monday
Known as the most depressing day of the year, make it your intention to make someone smile on 20th January. Have a cuppa with a relative or friend who might be lonely. After lovely times of being surrounded by family over the festive period, adjusting back to a regular routine can be tough so sparing some time will be greatly received. We are hosting 2 classes designed for complete beginner’s on Blue Monday – if you know someone looking to get started – send them this link.

🗣 ‘Time to Talk about Mental Health’
The 10th of February raises awareness of mental health by the charity ‘Time to Change’ who encourage people to have a conversation about mental health – a phone call, a text or even chatting to a colleague can make positive changes.

If one of your intentions is to be more present in 2020, asking more questions when in conversations with those around you will help you to really BE in the moment and could also really help a friend in need.

💓 Random Acts of Kindness
If your wellbeing journey includes feelings of fulfilment, love and giving back, this is for you! On the 17th of February, there is a campaign about doing something kind to others. Share the love all year round and do some kind gestures – hold the door open for others, buy a stranger a coffee, donate time or money to charity – the list of small acts is endless! You’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Whatever you decide to pursue as goals or intentions this year, it’s important to choose them for all the right reasons and enjoy achieving them!

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