Fear and Faith Are The Same Thing!!

You know when you already know something, but then suddenly just GET IT? It’s just really dawned on me that Fear and Faith are the same thing! Fear is a belief something bad will happen, Faith is a belief something will happen.

And because I’m (we’re) surrounded by messages of fear, worst-case-scenario predictions, and mass paranoia every day, no friggin’ wonder we’re so often afraid of what could go wrong. But here’s the thing – you and I have made it through everything that has happened in our lives so far. We have a 100% track record survival rate. With odds like that, wouldn’t you bet on everything turning out okay? (amaze-balls!)

We WILL be okay if we lose our job or our house, friends, family, spouse, pet, status or anything else that we currently think we “can’t live without”. We really will. I’m not suggesting carelessness or disregard (I’m talking about a shift in perspective, not about giving up). And so this is where faith comes in. Faith in ourselves to deal with life, faith that life has this weird and wonderful way of always working out ok.

So maybe today we can celebrate the amazing fluidity of life by learning to surf those waves instead of constantly being scared that the next one will drown us. Everything is a blessing, and nothing happens TO us, but FOR us (for us to learn from, grow from, and move on from).
I’m starting to think that Life doesn’t work in “mysterious ways” at all! She actually makes perfect sense 🙂 Join me for inversions this week – let’s go upside down and put our faith to the test 🙂 Love from Deborah x

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