Class Levels & Styles

Class Levels

We have designed classes to meet the needs of everyone – no matter what your experience or ability – helping you to get the most out of every class. No one should feel inhibited from joining any class, however, we do want you to be safe. We recommend before joining or moving ‘up’ a class, check with our front desk advisors or your teacher to make sure the class is suitable. Please be sure to let your teacher know before class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.

Open to any experience
Some experience with 6+ months 
practice recommended
Experienced with 1+ year 
practice recommended
Class Styles

We offer many styles of yoga – each bringing a different emphasis, such as focusing on strict alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement, holding the postures, or the flow from one posture to another. All of the styles share a common lineage. No style is better than another; it’s simply a matter of personal preference. More important than any style is the student-teacher relationship. We encourage you to try a few classes and decide which class works best for you.


These mid-tempo-paced classes introduce the basics of a ‘flow’ practice, cultivating the skill of linking breath while moving more dynamically. These are perfect if you’ve completed a Beginners Course, spent some time on the Basics or just enjoy a more energising practice. Classes are upbeat and fun with clear, specific instructions.

Perfect if you’ve done a few classes or simply want to develop your knowledge and understanding. These classes continue to emphasise the fundamentals while presenting the poses and sequencing the class in a more challenging way. Level 1 teachers are experts at ensuring more difficult positions are practiced safely and effectively. Be prepared to work and learn at this level. 

Stepping outside your comfort zone is challenging for even the bravest of us – the “what if?” question stops us in our tracks and we lose momentum. If you’ve never rolled out a mat before, and think Yoga is only for the super-flexible, we’re here to dispel the myths and encourage you to take the first steps.

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Stepping outside your comfort zone is challenging for even the bravest of us – the “what if?” question stops us in our tracks and we lose momentum. If you’ve never rolled out a mat before, and think Pilates is only for the strong, we’re here to dispel the myths and encourage you to take the first steps.

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In our 4 week beginners yoga course, you will be introduced to some of the fundamental yoga poses concentrating on healthy alignment and establishing a deeper awareness of your breathing. Instruction in meditation and relaxation techniques will also be given. Some of the many benefits of yoga include: improvement in posture and breathing, increased tone, strength and flexibility, a greater ability to cope with stress and a feeling of calm. 

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In this practical course – designed for students with little or no experience of pilates – you will be introduced to some of the fundamental principles, concentrating on healthy alignment and establishing a deeper awareness of your breathing. Pilates works the deeper muscles in a focused manner strengthening core postural muscles and developing correct body alignment. This stabilises the spine and supports the back.

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Experience the healing of focus, mindfulness and the breath’s energy, called prana, to increase physical healing, an alert mind, inner peace and the power within you that responds to stress, illness, pain and fear. This practice is fundamental to our optimal health and energy levels – helping to bring healing energy to the body and peace to the mind.

This deeply nourishing class is based on Yoga Nidra – a relaxation technique which effectively supports the body’s natural healing process. The practice is integrative, in that it can help with anyone experiencing difficulties sleeping and resting, as well as help improve clarity and creativity. This work has also been used effectively to help with trauma and various unresolved issues still present in our bodies and minds.

Meditation is a skill where we learn how to gradually refine our mental focus to generate both greater mental calm and greater clarity.  It is a time to sit quietly and to move our awareness inwards, away from the bombardment of external stimulation which can often feel overwhelming.
Enlightening and empowering, meditation equips us to handle stress and frustration with greater calm, ease and optimism.

An experienced teacher will guide you through the class this may be in silence, or it may be guided by the teacher. Either way, no prior experience of meditation is needed in order to attend these classes. In these sessions, expect to take your practice beyond the physical and uncover a deeper sense of peace.

Restorative yoga postures help us learn to relax and rest deeply & completely. Poses are supported, passive and held a long period to invoke during deep relaxation, which is very healing to the nervous system (including the brain) and organ systems of the body. Benefits include lowered blood pressure, improved immune function, digestion, fertility and elimination. Restorative is a powerful way to reduce muscle tension and general fatigue, helping the body and mind restore vital energy. Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners. Great for anyone in recovery!

The perfect treat during or after a busy week!. Recharge & Restore is an unhurried, nurturing and nourishing session, combining slow flowing movements to gently raise energy levels, mindfully held postures to release daily tightness, and juicy restorative yoga poses for total relaxation. With a smattering of breathing and meditation in the mix, it is a treat for mind, body and soul. Suitable for all levels, including those new to yoga or recovering from injury or illness.

Mindful Somatic movements, combined with meditation and breathwork, are done on the floor in a flowing style, without any force. The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve slow controlled sliding, gliding and circular movements designed to unlock deeply held patterns of stress and imbalance. Extremely beneficial for supporting our body’s innate ability to heal and repair, as well as helping those suffering from fatigue, stress, trauma, insomnia, restlessness and distress.

Focuses on the connective tissue that surrounds the joints and increase its elasticity. The elasticity of our connective tissue diminishes with physical activity and aging, which makes Yin essential for injury prevention and joint health. Since a Yin Yoga practice often includes several long, seated forward bending postures, it also restores energy and calms the nervous system. Pure bliss!


A blend of classic postures, deep stretching and calming breathwork to relax the body and de-stress the mind. The pace of the class can be gentle or more dynamic depending on the time or day, or mood of the participants! Classes build endurance, flexibility, stability, and concentration, with a luxurious rest at the end (called Savasana) Come prepared to move and learn.

The most athletic and physically demanding form of yoga, involving a series of set postures practised in sequence (vinyasa). A great practice if you are looking to challenge your stamina, strength and flexibility. A certain level of fitness is required to start Ashtanga.

A powerful and dynamic style, sometimes described as ‘a private session in a group environment’. The self-practice session allows the student to work at their own pace whilst receiving individual physical adjustments and personal attention from the teacher. Students can come at any time during the session. Length of practice varies according to each student. 

As taught by Joseph Pilates, is a mind body exercise which will target the core stabilising muscles. Builds a stronger, healthier back; a flatter tummy; a more toned, mobile and flexible body; better posture, fitness and general wellbeing; rehabilitation from injury; or balancing and strengthening the mind and the body. Matwork Pilates classes are a fun and safe form of exercise.


As in all of our workshops, there is sure to be plenty of laughter and fun as well as an insight into yoga practice. Family Yoga is open to everyone – kids 5-15yrs, mums, dads, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Carers. And you do not need to be super fit, just a willing spirit! During this afternoon session you’ll enjoy:

* Energetic and exciting yoga activities to challenge everyone
* partner work to encourage teamwork
* light-hearted meditations and breathing practices to calm the mind and body
* rejuvenating relaxations and fun guided imagery
* the enjoyment of learning together and spending time in each other’s company

An energising and strengthening session that will increase stamina, designed so that everyone discovers the potential to step out of their comfort zone and find their real inner strength.  Dynamic Flow Yoga classes will also give your heart a workout and leave you feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed.  Ideal for all participants, an Open Level class so great for everyone, except beginners. 

Flow & Restore is the perfect way to end a busy week. Enjoy a juicy yoga flow to wring out the toxins and stress from the day; helping to awaken your body and clear your mind. The dynamic and fluid practices will heat the body and build strength, endurance and flexibility. Class ends with a restorative pose or two to revive your vital energy … a calming, healing and soothing way to end your practice.

Combine movement and breath for the ultimate mind-body practice. When you’re ready to get a bit more up-tempo, these faster-paced flow classes are perfect if you want to feel strong, flexible and balanced. Classes are upbeat and fun with clear, specific instructions.

A fluid approach for those with some Yoga experience. The pace of the class can be gentle or more dynamic depending on the time of day, or mood of the participants! Builds strength, endurance, and a strong focus. The classroom is not heated, but the physical practice will naturally build heat in the body.


Baby BumpkinThe classes combine storytelling, music and simple baby yoga movements demonstrated with the fun Baby Bumpkin doll. The emphasis is on giving babies the opportunity to explore movement and their senses. The stimulating environment gives all the babies, from 6 weeks through to crawling, a great physical foundation to development.

During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empower the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. Pregnancy yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners – helping women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour.

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening around you right now, and learning to REALLY focus on the present moment. When children learn simple mindfulness techniques, they are able to focus more deeply and begin to pay attention allowing them to improve many areas in their lives.

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