Building Strength Through Yoga in Milton Keynes

People practice yoga for multiple reasons; flexibility, relaxation and self-connection are more common ‘why’s’, but often overlooked is yoga’s ability to increase strength and muscle mass.

Evidence shows practicing yoga can be very effective in increasing overall strength. It targets smaller stabilising muscles by relying on your own body as the “weight”. This makes it a valuable part of anyone’s fitness routine.

Find out some reasons why building strength will help your yoga practice at Whitespace Studio in Milton Keynes and in your everyday lifestyle.

Hold those asanas longer and stronger

Building strength in your core and arms can help you hold postures for longer and steadier progressing your practice. You’ll be able to stand taller in Tree Pose, hold Warrior III with more control, and even help you master handstands!

Reduces back pain

Increasing sedentary lifestyles, leaving us hunched over a computer for many hours a day has resulted in a dramatic increase of back pain suffers. The strong core and back muscles help hold your spine in the proper position and not only relieve back pain but prevent it from going forward.

Help daily tasks

You may not realise how much you use your core and arms in everyday tasks from lifting boxes to putting things on high shelves. Without this strength getting through a day would come with more difficulties, leaving you with less energy for your yoga class at Whitespace Studio!

Improves balance

On the mat, a strong core will improve balance and you should see an improvement in the strength of your postures. There are off the mat benefits too, especially as we age, balance is important in preventing falls and getting injured.

Progress doesn’t come without patience

As a lifelong practice, there is always something new to learn. Building strength will mean you can take on more challenging postures and build in inversions and arm balances. However, don’t expect any of this to come overnight. Be patient, and practice, practice, practice and one day it will come!

How you can build strength into your practice

Try more dynamic yoga classes like Ashtanga and Vinyasa that build strength through repeated Sun Salutations and Vinyasas. In asanas such as warrior poses, plank pose, arm balances, including crane pose and scale pose, we are building strength as we support our own body weight in gravity.

If you’re looking to build strength and try something new, book onto our upcoming Arm Balancing Playshop at Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Milton Keynes! Core strength is vital here to get lift off and you’ll learn how to connect to your core, explore the foundations and mechanics to make these empowering poses part of your regular practice; moving beyond your limitations with balance and strength.


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