The Best Yoga Poses After Travelling 🚗✈️

We long for our well deserved holidays where we either jet off to some sunshine or take a long drive to enjoy the English countryside but when we arrive to our destination, we can feel pretty worn out! To counteract the post travel tiredness and stiffness, we’ve come up with our top yoga poses to help your body relax and feel grounded so you can enjoy your break away.

Downward Facing Dog will help your blood circulation, loosen your hips and lengthen your spine, shoulders and hamstrings which become tight after travelling.




Side Angle Pose will stretch out the sides of your torso making it the ideal pose after all that sitting down.




Triangle Pose will help to soothe your belly and ease your digestive system which tend to tighten up during a flight causing unwanted bloating.




Forward Bend is another great pose for relieving tight shoulders and hamstrings. It also allows our heart to be above your head so you can release excess thoughts.




Child’s Pose will stretch out your lower back and allow you to sink into your hips which can get tight during excessive sitting.




Legs up the wall is the ultimate pose to ground your nervous system and boost your circulation, relieving fatigue. It’s a particularly good pose if you also suffer with swollen ankles or calves after hours of sitting as it stretches your legs and lower back helping to calm your body.




It’s important to listen to your body and focus on your breath to allow these poses to work their magic. Remember the goal is counteract rushing around and being a cramped space so take your time and enjoy the poses!

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