Beginners Pilates Taster Session

Thought about trying Pilates? Here’s your chance!

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Stepping outside your comfort zone is challenging for even the bravest of us – the “what if?” question stops us in our tracks and we lose momentum. If you’ve never rolled out a mat before, and think Pilates is only for the strong, we’re here to dispel the myths and encourage you to take the first steps.

Why should I?

It’s an amazing opportunity for YOU to experience the warm welcome of our beautiful light-filled studios, there’s no pressure to try and keep up, and no need to worry about touching your toes. Instead, you can expect to stretch, breathe, smile and afterwards enjoy a relaxing ‘cuppa with our Wellness Advisors.

We’ll even give you a free £10 credit towards our 4-week Introduction to Pilates Course, which can be booked on the day with our Wellness Advisors. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Meet your teacher on the day:

Lisa is an experienced pilates and yoga teacher, dedicated to helping students understand that pilates practice is all about feeling it in your core. Her classes are educational, learning how to really feel the benefits internally, as well as fun!


Meet your wellbeing advisors:

After your class, relax with a cup of tea in our second studio, where you’ll also have a chance to talk to our lovely wellbeing advisors.

Everyone has questions when starting something new, so Nina, Codie-Leigh and Jemma will also be tea-drinking in our other studio – ready to find the right classes for your goals, and to design the best schedule to help your future practice.



Who’s it for?

How does it work?

No previous Pilates experience is required! This is an introductory class specially designed for someone trying Pilates for the first time. You will not be required to ‘feel the burn’, do stomach crunches or wear Lycra leggings!

Wear comfortable loose clothing and bring your own water bottle if you like.

See more on preparing for your class here…

After booking below, simply arrive at the studio at 15:00 to sign in and spend some time relaxing before your class starts.

Your class will start at 15:15, as our specialist teacher will guide you through a short practice demonstrating how to connect movement and breath, introducing you to simple techniques, which will engage your core muscles. This will begin to awaken new confidence and stability in areas such as lower back, hips and shoulders.

When your class finishes at 16:15, our Wellness team will be on hand to advise and guide you through the next steps, should you seek to make Pilates a regular practice in your life.



Where is this?

Our studio is a hidden gem tucked away in one of the beautiful, character buildings in St Paul’s Court, bringing an immediate calming influence on the mind and providing the perfect environment to practice yoga in. Take off your shoes, switch off your phone and enjoy this wonderful friendly haven created just for you.



What does it cost?

Only £10 for the taster class and advice from our Wellness Advisors.

Complimentary mats are also provided on the day, so come along, roll out a mat and enjoy a class!
Free £10 credit towards bookings for 4 week Introduction to Pilates Course included!

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Booking Information
Places are limited and can be pre-booked – available on a first-come-first-served basis.  A limited number of ‘drop-in’ places will be available on the day. We offer 1 Class per person. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your class starts to check-in, find a space and prepare yourself for class.

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