What Does 2016 Look Like to YOU?

New Year 2016
Now is the perfect time to look back and reflect on everything that’s happened this year, have a ‘sort through’ of these feelings to enable you to go into the New Year with a clearer mind and soul.

Take a moment to sit back and reflect – we often just deal with everything as it comes, but we need to take time out, no matter how short it might be, to sit, reflect and process how we feel.  Stop punishing yourself about what has happened and instead why not make a list of all the things you want to let go from this year.  And do exactly that – LET THEM GO!  You can burn the list, bury it, throw it into the wind!  Whatever allows you to give yourself permission to release the emotion and attachment!

It’s hard to think about all the amazing, wonderful and fabulous things you achieved this year.  Bigging ourselves up isn’t something that comes naturally to many of us, but now is the chance to say “Yes!  I did good!”  Think about everything that bought you joy, happiness, smiles and laughter and soak them up, you made it happen!  When you allow yourself the space to open up to all the positives it allows you see what a truly awesome person you are!

Lastly, take a moment to think about what the New Year ahead looks like for you.  There’s no need to make resolutions for what you are NOT going to do, why not make a list of everything you ARE going to do.  What are your intentions? Perhaps saying no (or yes!) more often, taking care of you a little more, putting your own desires first.  You might want to imagine yourself feeling a little happier this year, feeling a little less stressed.  No grand gestures, no big statements, just an intention to be who you want, do what you need and do whatever makes you feel like YOU.

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