Baby Yoga Classes

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Our Mum and Baby yoga classes are designed to support you through the first exciting year and beyond, drawing on the latest research in baby development.

Enjoy building the bond between you and baby – stretching, laughing, moving and relaxing together – all in a supportive and relaxed environment. As you build confidence in the handling of your baby and find new and fun ways of relating to them, this encourages early bonding and creates a secure and happy foundation of well-being for both of you.

You’ll enjoy a fun and relaxed session, followed by tea and chat – a great way to meet new friends!

Benefits of Baby Yoga


Benefits of baby classes for Mum & Dad


·         Strengthens and aids development

·         Improved sleep patterns

·         Aids digestion

·         Enhanced interaction

·         A balance of activity and relaxation

·         Relaxation, massage and bonding

·         A multi–sensory approach

·         Helps regain strength and maintain posture

·         Tones abdominal muscles and pelvic floor

·         Nurturing you whilst enjoying activities with your baby

·         Relaxation techniques to use for yourself and to sooth your baby

·         Gives you confidence, learning new ways of handling your baby

·         Make new friendships; a wonderful opportunity to find the support you may need through the first months and to have some fun with your baby too!

Enjoy the community of other new parents while in a comfortable setting where you may feed or change your baby as needed. Dads are very welcome too, and will benefit equally from the yoga and the interaction with their baby.

Classes are suitable for babies 6wks to mobile, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you had c-section, it is advisable to wait until the scar is fully healed.

Which class is right for you?

  • Our Monday course is focused on Baby – using a multi–sensory approach with music, songs and props – applying the underlying developmental principals of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Our Wednesday and Thursday courses are focused on Mum – strengthening and toning your body in a safe and supported way.
  • Psssst….some people sign up for both courses!

Booking Info:
Baby classes booked in 6 consecutive week block booking.
Price per adult and baby.

Please bring your baby in a footless garment to class.

Day and Time:

Monday 1.00pm – 2.15pm: 19 February – 26 March
Thursday 11.45am – 1.00pm: 22 February – 29 March
Wednesday 11.30am – 12.45pm: 21st March – 25th April
Thursday 11.45am – 1.00pm: 5th April – 10th May
Monday 11.30am – 12.45pm: 9th April – 21st May (1 week break on 7th May due to bank holiday)

£54 / £45 buy 6 get 1st class FREE offer for new clients 

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(45 min class + tea & chat with new friends).
Baby classes booked in 6 consecutive week block booking.
Price per adult and baby.
Please bring your baby in a footless garment to class and ensure you have drink available for both of you.


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